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Large Agencies Sell Homes Faster – False.

10 years ago, this statement may have been true, but today there is no Data that shows that Large agencies sell homes any faster than smaller agencies, or even faster than For Sale By Owners, all, when on the MLS provide the exact same information to buyers.

Large Agencies have more buyers – False.

Less than 5% of all homes sales were purchased through the company which listed the home. This is a misconception held over from before Real Estate hit the Internet.

If an Agent tells you that they have buyers, simply invite them to bring you one and offer to pay them a buyer Agent Commission.

Real Estate Teams are more productive sellers – False.

Real Estate teams are very common today.  Fact most do not work as a team, they are simply groups of realtors who work under a common “Associate” Broker within an office, they do not work in the traditional definition of a “TEAM” to buy or sell homes.

Real Estate agencies will not show discounted/flat fee listings – False.

Buyer Agents don’t know if the listing side is discounted, the only commission information which is displayed in the listing, is for the buyer agent, which is based on the commission you chose.

Discounted Commission listings receive inferior service – False.

A full-service listing requires the discount listing agent to provide the same full service that any other Full Fee (6%) realtor provides, such as: Arrange Appointments, Accept/Present Offers, Advise on Offers, Assist with counter offers, Negotiate for seller.

Discounted Commission Real Estate Offices cannot survive – False.

Companies that manage expenses and keep overhead low, can significantly reduce commissions and still be profitable.  Large Real Estate companies are burdened with high overhead, such as Expensive Rent, office staff, and utilities, and therefore must charge higher commissions to pay the bills and keep the doors open, they rely on you to pay their expenses and bills.

Zillow is a Home Buying Site – False.

Zillow is a marketing site, less than 5% of the viewers of homes on Zillow are qualified buyers, approximately 80% of the homes you see listed on Zillow were initiated by an MLS listing and were automatically pushed out to Zillow.

Real Estate Listing Myths

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